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My Fathers (by David Chandler)

(David Chandler with Lloyd Van Horn)
In honor of Father's Day, one of our church members, David Chandler has written about his two fathers.

Yes, I said fathers (plural).  I have been lucky enough to have two earthly fathers!  My birth father was a Marine during World War 2 and the Korean War.  He was also a drill instructor.  He believed, 'Once a Marine, always a Marine.' We were raised that way.  He was very mean to anybody and everybody.  But, he taught me how to take care of myself.  He died of cancer in 1984.

In 1983, I met Lloyd Van Horn at Clayton Community Church in Georgia.  He has been my father since that time.  He has been there for me with all my trials and troubles; as well as being there for all the good time.

He is one of only a very few men that I have known that LIVES what he believes.  On occasion, when we have stayed with the Van Horns, we always have devotions right after breakfast.  Whenever we have had a major decision to make, we ask for his advice and value it.

Lloyd served his country during World War 2 in the US Navy.  He has been my example of what a Godly man should be like.  He has been a good husband, father, and most of all, a spiritual advisor.  We always pray for him during our daily devotions and thank our Lord for our relationship.

I have always coached all kinds of sports, and have had the good fortune of having coached two boys who have gone on to play pro ball.  But more than that, there are a few that are serving the Lord in their church.

To God Be the Glory!

6 Things I Learned at Gurus of Tech (by Josh Brown)

Two weeks ago I traveled (by car!) to Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois with a friend from church and two other men from a church in Avon Park, Florida. The purpose of the trip was to attend Gurus of Tech, a two-day conference for anyone serving in a technical, creative, or leadership role in any church. 

The Main Auditorium at Willow Creek seats over 7,000. We had an hour during the second day of the conference to explore. 

I am currently serving at Faith as a summer intern, working on things like the website and assisting with VBS, and I have been involved in our Mulitmedia Ministry for a quite a few years, focusing on whatever needs to be projected on the screen in the sanctuary. Below is a list of six things I learned or was reminded of at the conference.

  1. Worship. One speaker asked the question, “Do you attend the church where you work?”. I must not let service in any ministry become an excuse for not participating in worship services or fellowshipping with other believers.
  2. We are on the same team. Techs, Musicians, and Creative people don’t always think alike. These relationships take work, but they are so vital to ministry. Loyalty is key as well. As a team member of the multimedia team, I need to support anyone who is on the platform, whether that be with what is being projected or the sound that is coming through the speakers. It is my role to do what I can to help them present what they are presenting, in a way that they are not concerned with anything else and can focus. It is very important to realize and remember that we are all on the same team serving with the same purpose - to make much of God and point people to Him.
  3. Perfect the basics. My first focus needs to be on the basics, even though they are usually not the fun stuff. If those are not perfected, adding more creative elements is useless. Minimizing distractions by careful and purposeful preparation is one of the most important things in multimedia ministry. We want people to remember what was taught from the Word of God and not a late microphone, a distracting presentation background, or a misspelled word.   
  4. Stretch Yourself. Colossians 3:23 says, “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men”. I should not just be doing the minimum required. I should be doing the best that I am capable of. I need to stretch myself even if it is not being required of me. In this case I am just referring to multimedia ministry, but this applies to every aspect of life.
  5. Do Your Best. A statement was made during one of the main sessions that made a huge impact on me and I will not soon forget it. The speaker showed a picture from his church’s Christmas production, with all of its impressive lighting and staging and hours of rehearsal, and then showed a picture his four year old son had drawn and given to him. His point was no matter how much time, effort, or money we put into something – to God it looks like the drawing from the four year old. The four year old truly loved his Father and did his best to express his feelings. God wants our genuine best, whatever that may be.
  6. Multimedia Team as a Community. We were challenged to show people that we care more about them than their gift or availability. It is good to get to know the people you serve alongside. It is also good to do things together that are unrelated to multimedia, like share a meal, or spend time together to fellowship. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Verdade Brazil Mission Team - What is 'A Verdade'? (by Jonita Barram)

Faith Baptist is praying for and helping the A Verdade Missions Team go to Brazil July 15–23. But where did that name, 'A Verdade,' come from?

Angel Long explains:
Hannah thought of naming the mission trip this based out of John 8:31 and 32. “A Verdade” is “The Truth” in Portuguese. The prayer is that we would hold to Jesus’ teaching, be His disciples, and all know “The Truth.”
The team will wear shirts that say “A Verdade Brazil Missions,” which should get attention and generate inquiries and conversations. Angel says that is what happened at Chick-Fil-A when our church turned out to support the team.
Lots of people that don’t attend our church asked about what we were doing. So, many spiritual seeds of encouragement were planted too! Praise God. The church showing up in support for the mission was a real encouragement to the owner and managers too—with them even asking for us to please come back.
The missions group has been preparing in other ways as well, spending 10 weeks working through Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. Angel says:
It was a real eye opener to our spiritual life and how we are using our God-given time and talents.
Angel hopes people will pray the following for the team:
Prayers would be that we would be used of God on His trip—from our preparing here to our future, even in our flight. May He totally use us for His glory, work in us for His kingdom, and work upon our hearts for deeper roots of fellowship with Him. Pray for all to know His love, grace, and mercy.

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A Verdade Missions Trip - 14 Prayer Requests

As our A Verdade Brazil Mission Team prepares for its July trip, we have 14 specific prayer requests to share with you.  
  1. That God will keep them, their money, and their belongings safe
  2. That God will protect their health
  3. That they would get through Customs without problems or payment
  4. That God would open to them “a door for the word, to speak the mystery of Christ”
  5. That they “may open [their mouths] boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel”
  6. That they would enjoy unity
  7. That the Lord would minimize language barriers
  8. That God would fill them “with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding”
  9. That they “may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God”
  10. That God would strengthen each one “with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy” (And my experience is that being overseas automatically calls for patience and longsuffering!)
  11. That they would redeem the time in witnessing, working, and fellowshipping
  12. That they would witness, work, and fellowship empowered by the Holy Spirit, not in their own strength
  13. That each one will be open to what God wants to teach him or her during this experience
  14. That God would use this trip to burden their hearts for the work of missions—whether they become missionaries or they support missionaries through prayer and finances
Will you pray for them?

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A Verdade Brazil Missions Trip - Overview

As Copa Airline’s flight 435 touches down in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, on July 15, it will carry nine youth and six adults from our church. Joao Pessoa will be their first destination on a missions trip that will end at Paraiba Baptist Camp, the relocated Baptist Mid-Missions camp where our Faith’s 100 missionary Jared Malcolm is working.

Those of us who are not going can still participate by providing funds for the trip and praying for the team.

Funds for the Trip

Getting to Brazil will be no easy feat for the teens. Typically a missions team will ask their church, friends, and family for donations to raise the needed support. But our team isn’t asking for free money—although all free money is welcome! Instead, team members are working toward the $1,980 each needs for the trip. And they’ve invited the entire church body to participate in three ways.


In March, people were invited to sign up to have one or more youth provide a service. Instead of paying the teens, the adults write a check to the church, indicating which team member’s account should get the money.

This is a great way for our church family not only to meet our own needs but also to get to know teens better while we help them get to Brazil. Jonita Barram, for example, enjoyed having Caleb Haynes and Levi Dekker do manual labor for her. In particular, they moved furniture. She says:
I was really impressed with their willingness to work, even beyond what I was asking them to do. I already knew them by name and face. I appreciated getting to know a little more about them during the time they worked with me.

Spirit Night

On May 2, hundreds of the Faith family gathered at the Winter Haven Chick-Fil-A, enjoying food and fellowship and helping raise money for the team. From 5 to 8 p.m., couples, families, and individuals placed orders, turning in their flyers to ensure a portion of their dinner price went to the team. The evening garnered about $500 as of this writing.
(members of the Brazil Mission Team during Spirit Night at Chick-Fil-A)

Marianna Hradec—who recently went forward in church, expressing her willingness to become a missionary—can’t go on this summer’s trip, but she was at Chick-Fil-A, having fun supporting her fellow youth.

Among those at Chick-Fil-A that night were Bob and Laura Lusk, part of the older generation who has been giving, “hiring,” showing up, supporting, and praying for the missions team.

Prayer for the Team

James Berry*, Jamie Berry, Katie Deines, Jessica Dekker, Levi Dekker, J. R. Foster*, Caleb Haynes, Jana Hopkins, Rebekah Leonard*, Angel Long*, Hannah Long, Dot Malcolm*, Julie Shierling, Bill Vegter*, and Jacob Vegter need our prayers! (* Adults.)

According to Jon Reiner, the team will do general maintenance, such as painting, trimming trees and brush, and doing minor construction. He says not to worry—there’s “plenty to do!” Hannah Long says she is looking forward to meeting and fellowshipping with new people and to sharing the gospel. Levi Dekker, who has been to Brazil before, says: “It’s just great meeting all the people. We get to go to the church services, and it’s a great experience.” When asked what he expects to do, he says, “I just do whatever they need me to.”

Rebekah Leonard says: 
“We are so excited to be going, and it’s great that the word is getting out so that we will have many direct prayers behind us as we head to Brazil.” 

The Lord has something special to teach each team member. This could be a life-changing experience. For example, Cynthia Deines tells how a missions trip taken by her husband and daughter had a lasting impact on Lauren:
Lauren and Troy went to Nicaragua on a missions trip, and that just confirmed with Lauren that she wanted to go into nursing. Lauren just got her four-year degree in nursing this month. And she’s so excited about it. She and her husband are thinking that they might want to go Ecuador for a few years and do mission work down there with her nursing degree.
Only time will demonstrate to us the way this trip will change the lives of Angel, Bill, Caleb, Dot, Hannah, Jacob, James, Jamie, Jana, Jessica, J. R., Julie, Katie, Levi, and Rebekah.

Thank You

Pastor Dave says:
The church has really jumped in and helped so much. They are helping through providing work opportunities, by praying, and donating resources to help with fundraisers. The adult leaders have also put in many hours to help the team.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

My Little Mom (by Lisa Brock)

May is the time of year when we celebrate Mother's Day. Ephesians 6:2 reminds us that we are to "Honor your father and mother." It is always right to honor your mother. This year, we invited members of our congregation to share with us the secrets of being a great mother. Today's post comes from Lisa Brock.

My Little Mom

My mother is one of those people, perhaps easily misunderstood when you first meet her. A petite lady, now crowned with beautiful white hair, she measures only about 5’2”. From the time we were teen-agers, my three sisters and I always towered at least 5 five full inches above her. She is rather shy, blushes easily, and isn’t much for “speaking her mind”. Though her hazel eyes have that ability to express all the feeling her reserved nature prohibits her from showing, she is quiet, and demure; sometimes blends into the background. And she is small. She has delicate feet, and tiny hands. People could perhaps think she is weak, lacks imagination, has no courage, or strength; not a person who takes big risks or makes their "mark in the world."

She Read to Me

Well…these are some things I remember about my mother: I’ve seen that graceful head bent over the piano at church, accompanying as my dad and countless others sang for special music. I saw the hands leading the choir for many years, and doing Bible School crafts, or playing volleyball with the youth group. I often saw the arms hugging the kids she had led to Christ, or saw them compassionately wrapped around the shoulders of an insecure teen girl. The smallness of the hands never seemed to lack strength or ability, whether they were sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, cooking endless meals, baking and canning, painting, gardening, or any number of chores that needed to be done on our small farm. During her 20 years as a teacher, I watched those keen hazel eyes as she graded thousands of papers for her students. But she wasn’t just a teacher at school. In her beautifully articulate speech, she taught us that priceless lessons can be learned from good, well-written books. I still feel closeness to my mom when I’m transported somewhere else through classic literature. I find myself thinking, “Mom would love this: She would love it with me.” I treasure the memory of her lilting, expressive voice in my ear, reading me classic stories like The Snow Queen, and parts of Gulliver’s Travels and The Hobbit. She read us books like The Cricket in Times Square and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Magic. I still love to hear her read scripture aloud; it brings back that safe and peaceful feeling of knowing truth, and watching it lived.

She Played with Me

I remember playing games with my mom; games like Flinch and Authors and Old Maid. She has a great sense of humor, and playfully sang us silly songs, or quipped something funny to brighten a tough situation. She still has her grandchildren begging her to recite “Prindercella and the Cince” ( a story about Cinderella and the Prince that is full of malapropisms) My mom played with me. She let me dress her up and put make up on her and curl her hair; she played dolls with me, and taught me how to knit them tiny sweaters. She taught me to play Ping-Pong, and jacks, and Chinese jump-rope.

She Cared for Me and Others

Though never given to showing dramatic emotion in crisis, I remember the coolness of her small hand on my fevered forehead and then watching those delicate hands quietly clean up after me when I was sick. I also remember seeing my mom’s arms gripping the body of my older sister to comfort her through an epileptic seizure till it subsided. I was awed, years after I left home, when I came back to visit and saw the strength of those small arms, as she lifted her own paralyzed mother, and diapered her each night. She cared for her mom for three years, during which her mother-in-law also came to live with them, and then she participated in caring for them both until their death. Neither ever went to a long-term nursing facility.

She Prayed with Me

Those beautiful hands held mine countless times around our table in prayer, and I knew when I watched them holding her worn and tattered Bible, what she truly valued most. Her tiny wedding ring was a fascinating “play thing” during the hundreds of church services we attended as small children, and only now do I understand the depth of its significance. It made me happy and secure to see my mom’s sweet smile flashed at my dad, as they spoke to one another. I remember watching her curiously as she fixed her hair, and put on fresh lipstick, just because she knew he was coming home soon.

She Taught Me By Her Example

Those delicate feet have walked into many homes to serve and encourage the old and young, believers and non-believers. She, by example, taught me the grace of being thoughtful, and slow to speak, and how important it is to choose my words carefully. She taught me the significance of being a good listener and a caring, generous friend.

Her arms have embraced my husband and held my children. Over the years, we have received hundreds of cards of love and encouragement, carefully chosen, and signed in her graceful handwriting. Throughout our home are many handmade things that “Gramma made me”. They are treasured.

She Taught Me to Seek the Good in Each Situation

I can still hear her voice reminding us to seek the good in each situation, to pity and encourage the weak, and to try to think the best of others. She always sought to share the gospel with us and those around her, weaving it in and through her daily experience. She comforted and stood by us when we failed, and always reminded us to do our best for God’s glory. Whenever she speaks of God’s greatness, her eyes are alive; they are energetic and animated, and twinkle with excitement and joy. I have also seen those eyes sympathetic and grave with sorrow and concern, yet always peaceful and confident in Her Savior. I’ve often seen them closed in prayer. Her sweet voice is lifted daily, in fervent supplication for me, my family and so many others, and her small hands are lifted in constant, humble praise for Her Lord’s provisions and blessings.  

My little mom taught me these fundamental, life-altering truths in a myriad of  small ways:
  • God, what He says, and His people are the only things that are the only things that are eternal, and truly important.
  • I am not the center of the Universe; God is, and His Glory and Honor is my principle purpose.   
  • God’s Agenda always supersedes and overrides mine.
  • Prayer is a demonstration of my dependency on and trust in, that Sovereign God.


So what is the measure of the influence of this one, small woman on me?

It is huge. Enormous. Immense. Just like my gratitude. Will I fill her shoes?  God grant me grace to ever be that big.

Friday, May 10, 2013

My Mother - "She is Faithful to God" (by Cindy Harrell)

Cindy Harrell (on right) with her mother

May is the time of year when we celebrate Mother's Day. Ephesians 6:2 reminds us that we are to "Honor your father and mother." It is always right to honor your mother. This year, we invited members of our congregation to share with us the secrets of being a great mother. Today's post comes from Cindy Harrell.

 What Makes My Mother Great?

Her Dedication to Her Family

Who can raise 4 kids born in less than 4 years with a wringer washer and cloth diapers and formula (because the doctor said she shouldn’t nurse)? My mom did, cooking meals from scratch, baking goodies from scratch, and sewing clothes for her children. My mom was very industrious, and probably very tired. She did not have the conveniences that we have, yet I never remember her complaining. She faithfully did what she needed to do to meet our needs. She put our needs above her own, making us new clothes while she wore her old ones.

Throughout the years, my mom was there for me. When I got home from school, she was there. Many times I would walk around the table and talk to her while she was busy in the kitchen. l still go to her when I need someone to talk to. She is a very good listener. She has been very supportive of me in my adult life, from encouraging me in the raising of my kids, to encouraging us to get counseling when our marriage was on the rocks. She has always been there for me, not giving up on me and faithfully praying for me.

She also encourages me to live a healthy life by her example. Whenever she has a health issue, she will research it and change her diet if she needs to. She still cooks a meal most days and bakes bread and other baked goods. She exercises faithfully and takes vitamins. Sometimes I think she is healthier than I am.

Her Dedication to the Church

She not only worked at home, but she also was active in our church. When I was in fourth grade, my dad became pastor of a small church and he pastored the rest of my growing up days. My mom was a very good Pastor’s wife, doing whatever needed to be done. She played piano. She made bulletins, without the convenience of a computer. She had to type on special copy paper. If you made a mistake, it was not an easy task to fix it. She spent a lot of time making the bulletin look nice. Sometimes she taught a Sunday School class. She spent time preparing her lessons. She is still involved in the church, teaching and playing piano and preparing meals when there is a need.

Her Dedication to God

I believe much of what has helped my mother throughout the years has been her faith in God and her faithfulness to God. She has made prayer a regular part of her life. She loves God and it shows in the way she lives her life.

My Mother - "Her Strengths are Unsurpassed" (by Stephen Simpson)

Connie Simpson with her two sons Scott & Stephen
May is the time of year when we celebrate Mother's Day. Ephesians 6:2 reminds us that we are to "Honor your father and mother." It is always right to honor your mother. This year, we invited members of our congregation to share with us the secrets of being a great mother. Today's post comes from Stephen Simpson.

What Makes My Mother so Great?

Her Honesty

My mother is honest.  I trust her completely.  Some mothers tell their children what they (the children) want to hear instead of what they need to hear.  Some mothers mislead and even lie to their children.  It is a tremendous gift from God that I can trust my mother.  She keeps her word.

Her Compassion

I have seen few people as compassionate as my mother.  I have watched her lovingly care for two different individuals in their final years.  The patience and kindness she demonstrated was truly uncommon.  I have also been on the receiving end of her compassion many times.  There have been some dark and difficult times in my life.  At those times, my mother has been there with tremendous acts of compassion.  What a blessing it is to have a compassionate mother! 

Her Love for Her Grandchildren

Another reason that my mother is great is this:  She loves her grandchildren.  I have seen grandparents grow indifferent to their grandchildren.  I have seen grandparents have little or no relationship with their grandchildren.  This is not true of my mother.  She loves her "GrandS" and she loves them all equally.  There have been many times when she has called just to see if she could come over and see her GrandS.  She loves hugging them and spending time with them.  She will gladly prepare an impromptu picnic in her backyard at the request of a granddaughter.  It is such a blessing for my children to have a grandmother who loves them.

Her Love for My Father

It is becoming increasingly uncommon to see a mother who faithfully loves the father of her children for over 40 years.  Too often, today's marriages are viewed as temporary relationships.  Since 1969, my mother has loved my father.  I have watched her love him, support him, care for him, and encourage him all of my life.  This is one of the best gifts that she has given to my brother and me.  This truly makes her a great mother.

My mother is not perfect.  But, she is great.  She has her weaknesses.  But, her strengths are unsurpassed.  May God raise up more mothers like mine.  I thank God that Connie Simpson is my mother.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Mother - "She Loves Me and My Friends" (by RaQuel Love)

RaQuel Love with her mother, Cindi Love

May is the time of year when we celebrate Mother's Day. Ephesians 6:2 reminds us that we are to "Honor your father and mother." It is always right to honor your mother. This year, we invited members of our congregation to share with us the secrets of being a great mother. Today's post comes from RaQuel Love, a 17-year old member of our congregation.

What Makes My Mom So Great?

This question can be asked to many people and the answer will never be the same. I wanted to know what other people thought of their moms, so I went and asked. “My mom is someone who is always there for me, someone very special to me.” Another lady said, “ My mom gives me advice, and will never judge me.” Then I started to think about my mom. What all she has done for me in the 17 years I’ve been alive? There is so much to say, so, I better get started :)

She is Loving

My mom loves and she has always gone out of her way for me. There are 4 of us kids, so when it comes down to it, there's not much left over at the end of the month. She always finds a way to get us where we need to go, or get us what we need. She loves all the friends we bring over, and I mean a lot of friends! She is always the life of the party, and I don't mind! My friends love coming over and hanging with my mom because she is so cool and loving. She can make a dinner made for 6 into a dinner for 12 in no time at all. Her motto will always be, “ If you want to see me, all are welcome. If you want to see the house, make an appointment.”

She is an Encourager

My mom is an encourager and a hard worker. Our family has gone through a lot through the years and my mom has always been there to comfort me, encourage me and love me. I can't think of a time when my mom wasn't there to help me with my algebra, or help me figure out my future. My mom has always been an encourager to my family and other families as well. My mom has also gone back to college to further her own education and has also found time to coach my brother's baseball team. I don't know how she manages to find time for everything!

She Loves God

My mom lives for the Lord in everything she does. My mom loves God with all her heart and it shows everyday. She teaches us God's Word every night in our family devotions and has always told us to be a testimony. Every time we walk out of the house she always tells us to be a blessing. She is such an inspiration to me because when I am down about something she is always there for me and always has a Bible verse to help me up.

There is so much more I could write about, but there is not enough paper in the world to describe my mommy to you! So, what makes my mom so great? Is it everything she does for me? Is it her uplifting and joy-filled spirit? Yes! It is all this and a whole lot more! She is the love of my life and my whole world! I LOVE YOU MOMMY!

My Mommy - "She Hugs Us" (by Abigail, Esther, & Josiah Simpson)

Esther & Nicki Simpson

May is the time of year when we celebrate Mother's Day.  Ephesians 6:2 reminds us that we are to "Honor your father and mother."  It is always right to honor your mother.  This year, we invited members of our congregation to share with us the secrets of being a great mother.  Today's post comes from three small children:  Abigail (age 6), Esther (4), and Josiah (almost 17 months).  They write about their mommy ~ Nicki Simpson.  Actually, they told me, and I wrote it down :).

What is So Great About Your Mommy?
  • "She takes care of us."  Abigail
  • "She hugs us."  Esther
  • "She tucks us in for bed."  Esther
  • "She takes us out to eat and to the park."  Abigail
  • "She takes us to the library so I can do my quizzes and get more books."  Abigail
  • "She takes us to church."  Abigail
  • "She coached our soccer team."  Abigail
  • Abigail said her mommy is great because "She has us as her children."  
  • "She taught me how to read."  Abigail
  • "She taught me how to read the alphabet books."  Esther
  • "She takes care of us and helps us when we are hurt by putting bandaids on our boo-boos."  Esther
  • "She reads books to us."  Abigail
  • "She is so great because of everything she endured to bring me into this world."  Josiah 
  • "She lets me tickle her neck."  Josiah
Josiah, Abigail, & Esther Simpson

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Mother - "She Has Had a Great Impact on My Life" (by Suzanne Harrell)

Suzanne Harrell and her mom, Cindy Harrell
May is the time of year when we celebrate Mother's Day. Ephesians 6:2 reminds us that we are to "Honor your father and mother." It is always right to honor your mother. This year, we invited members of our congregation to share with us the secrets of being a great mother. Today's post comes from Suzanne Harrell.

Defining 'Great'

When I think of “great,” my years as a history major in college inevitably bring Alexander the Great to mind, who conquered countries and expanded his empire through sheer military prowess and power. My sister, on the other hand, thinks of the Great Depression when she thinks of “great,” where an entire country was plunged into an economic depression and forced to change lifestyles and learn to unite. Dictionary.com defines “great” as “unusually . . . large in size”; “large in number”; “considerable in degree, power, or intensity”; “wonderful”; and “being such in an extreme or notable degree.” Pastor Osborne would invariably say that no one can be truly great except for God. While he is right, there are some people in my life who have had a great impact on me, and one of these people is my mother.

My Mother's Dedication

My mother’s dedication has made a great impact on me. Throughout my life, my parents never had the easiest marriage. I can remember crying in my room while listening to them argue in the living room. I know now that all married couples occasionally argue, but when I was little it seemed like no marriage could survive such hurtful words. I once asked my parents if they would ever get a divorce, and I will never forget what they told me. They would never get a divorce, they said, because they were Christians, and they made a commitment before God to stay true to each other for the rest of their lives. I know that at times it was hard, but because of dedication to God and her family, my mom stuck it out and today shows her dedication through her care of and for us.

My Mother's Love

My mother’s love is another thing that has made a great impact on my life. Whenever I was little and would burst into uncontrollable tears, my mother was the one who could make everything seem better just by putting her arms around me. When I would call home from college, homesick and lonely, my mother’s comfort and encouragement got me through it. To this day, when I’m upset and emotional, I’ll often cry, “I want my mom!” Although my sisters and I have given her more than our share of pain and heartache, she still loves enough to want what’s best for us and to do what she can to help us achieve that.

My Mother's Example

Finally, my mother’s example has made a great impact on my life. I feel extremely blessed to have been raised in a Christian household. I often wonder: if it weren’t for my parents, would I have ever come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? Or would I be like many of my students—lost, lonely, and headed in all sorts of wrong directions? To point my sisters and I in the right direction, my mom made sure we were in church every Sunday. She homeschooled us and included Bible courses. She took us to AWANA and VBS. To this day, she advises us on our problems by pointing us to the Bible. My mother’s Christian example had a great impact on me.

My Mother Has Had a Great Impact on My Life

Because of her dedication, love, and Christian example, my mom has made, and continues to make, a great impact on my life. Some define “great” in terms of power and strength; some define it in terms of leadership; I define it in terms of personal impact. My mom has had a great impact on my life, and I love her so much.

My Mother - "Freshly Baked Bread" (by Theresa Beveridge)

May is the time of year when we celebrate Mother's Day.  Ephesians 6:2 reminds us that we are to "Honor your father and mother."  It is always right to honor your mother.  This year, we invited members of our congregation to share with us the secrets of being a great mother.  Today's post comes from Theresa Beveridge.

I have vague memories of my mother.  When I was very little my mother made the 3 of us mickey mouse ears so we could be one of the mouseketters! Cmon those of you that watched this, what did they say MIC (see you real soon!) KEY (why? because we like you!) M O U S E. I also have memories of coming home from school to find several loaves of freshly baked bread.  Yum! 

Being that my father was a brick mason and did not have much work in the winter, it was never hard for my mother to make soup from going to the market and asking for bones. She could make any kind of soup out of any bones.

I was born in Arlington, VA.  I grew up in Mclean, VA.  We rented a farm.  From about 10 on we lived in Falls Church VA.  I was one of 7 children the 3 oldest were all married and gone. My oldest sister gave birth to her first son and 30 days later my mom gave birth to her baby.  The 4th oldest was still at home. 

What I miss the most about my mother is her harmonizing gospel songs.  Some times she could get as low as a bass. She always liked the songs 'Daddy sang bass momma sang tenor' and 'The Old rugged Cross.'